Aquamarine damping field

In the book, I discuss various scientific studies that have found that the golden ratio acts as a natural damping proportion in any vibrating medium. It has the property of being a non-reflective proportion, thus killing standing waves, like those in a musical tone or coherent laser light. The golden ratio is even used in the design of rectangular speakers and music halls to cancel echoes and reflection. Not coincidentally, it is the center of a Fibonacci spiral (chambered nautilus) and is the reason for the design of one of the world's best speakers, the B&W Nautilus speaker shown here.

Aquamarine has the following properties that correspond to the golden ratio:

1. it occupies a golden ratio location in the visible light spectrum,

2. it has been confirmed through psychological experiments as the most restful color, thus used as a wall color in hospitals,

3. it is the color of caribbean water, which is also consider most beautiful and restful (perhaps the conditions of water, sand and light that give rise to this color are related to harmonic damping),

4. it is the color of turquoise, a triclinic crystal which is the least symmetric of the 14 3-dimensional Bravais lattices. In particular, it is the only lattice type that itself has no mirror planes (non-reflective).

5. it is considered a sacred gemstone by native Americans and was a stone highly valued in ancient times. It was used extensively by the Egyptians in sarcophagus and other ornaments and rituals concerning the afterlife and today is popular in rosaries.

6. it corresponds to a location in space between Earth and Venus, as measured from the outermost planet Eris (semi-major axis) to the Sun. The orbits of Earth and Venus create the ratio 13:8, very close to the golden ratio, thus Venus traces out a pentagram in the sky every 8 years. Every intersection of a pentagram is a golden ratio.

7. it was discussed in the intriguing interview with Ralph Ring here.

My point here is that the color aquamarine, wherever it occurs in nature or society, represents a calming effect to contain over-resonance and cancel wave reflection from the atomic level through the formation of planets and beyond.

Symbolically, this deadening effect would naturally correspond to the afterlife or perhaps to one's soul. In all cases, aquamarine can be seen to correspond to the harmonic damping effect of the golden ratio, which controls or kills resonance.