Bio-Harmonic Frequency Correspondence

In the table, the first column under "Hertz" is the fundamental frequency of the Recursive Harmonic Matrix defined here within which a normalized human body (e.g., Vitruvian Man) fits when squaring the circle. The Body:2X column is a frequency doubling of the fundamental to match the 7-step "diatonic" scale common to most of the world's music. Musically speaking, we recognize the diatonic scale as a frequency doubled coherent pathway through the interference pattern of odd and even wholetone scales (odd-even harmonics). There are diagrams and explanation of this in the Harmonic Models section of my book. But, the evidence to support this comes in the Physical Archetypes section which shows how the human spine corresponds to a diatonic doubling in the matrix.

The Low Brain:3X column is the next harmonic scale up from the diatonic scale and forms a 3:2 (perfect fifth) proportion with the body. Think of the spine as a dipole magnet resonating at 2X and the brain itself resonating at 3X. There are a number of reasons that I think this may correspond to the brain, including the trilateral symmetry of the diatonic cycle of fifths, trilateral symmetry in chromatic music and spectral light harmonies (e.g., Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors) and the fact that this range of frequencies correlates to the three ranges of subconcious brain wave frequencies. There are other reasons corresponding to planetary spacing, such as the distance between Earth and Venus as a perfect fifth with the 13:8 pentagram formed in between.

The High Brain 9X column is a squaring of the Low Brain. I prove in my book how the ninth harmonic partial is uniquely synchronized with the fundamental and how all of the other harmonics in a standing wave balance or orbit around it. The ninth partial is a kind of surrogate to the fundamental which acts as a "harmonic axis" which aligns perfectly with every phi-damping and pi-resonant location of the fundamental. It is a squaring of the third partial, which is the perfect fifth. My hypothesis is consciousness correlates to the square of the diatonic cycle of fifths and acts as a harmonic axis for the spine. Note that Ring 9 encompasses the region between the base of the torso and the heart. Also, note that the resulting frequency range covers the Beta brain waves.

All of this originates from the heart rate average of 70 bpm divided by 60 seconds, or 7/6 = 1.166666667 at Ring 10. You can change this to match individual heart rates, which adjusts all of the values in the table accordingly.