The Fine-Structure Constant as Resonance

In Interference, I mention a possible relationship of the fine-structure constant to the resonant Rosslyn Magic Ratio of 1/81 = .012345679. We can understand it as the harmonical structure of 3-dimensional space represented in the division of Unity by (3^2)^2.

The fine-structure constant is then a balancing point between resonance and damping in a resonating three-dimensional lattice.

For instance, take .012345 * 3 = 0.037035 and .0123456 * 3 = 0.0370368 and we see a balance between the 5 and 6 digits of the Magic Ratio. The difference between them is .0000018, or reverse of 81. The mean between the two is then .0370359, comparing favorably to the FS constant of 137.035999.