The Tetraktys

The tetraktys is actually a tetrahedron in the isometric cube called Metatron's Cube. There are two tetraktys that counterbalance in this figure which were the source of the double "star" tetrahedron known as the Star of David. The source of knowledge represented by this begins with the way space itself is physically organized, which must have been assumed in some way by ancient philosophers.

Space is today presumed by quantum chromodynamics to be a grid or lattice of tiny imploding black holes which spin off harmonic electron shells (like cymatic rings) and that are the force that glue particles together in atomic nuclei. The key discovery of the ancients related to all this was viewing a cube isometrically (i.e., metatron's cube) was a way to see the natural harmonic structure of space - how the quantum field balances both the inward cubic packing of crystallized energy and the outward spherical emanation of free wave energy. From this, 3D harmonic solids can be extruded, unfolded or projected out of a 2D isometric dimension.


The human body is actually an isometric holonomic projection into this 3D field of infinite black holes from a simple 2D archetypal dimension that harmonizes a circle and square. This is mathematically symbolized by "squaring the circle" between irrationality and infinity as Pi : Phi^2, which converges to 1.2 or 12:10. In my opinion, this one simple mathematical statement is of the greatest importance as it closes the infinite Phi spiral (squared cones like the two arms in a hurricane or galaxy) into the closed Pi circle (spheres). We see this in our bodies as our resonant 12X2 vertabrae and 12X2 primary articulation points that damp down to our 10X2 fingers and toes at the extremity.

I see the progression of creation, then, as 1) idea or archetype, 2) balanced or harmonic geometry, and 3) physical space and life.  But, I see the order of teaching others about this going in the reverse direction due to our modern rational perspective and education. People respect physics and find truth in it, from which they can begin to see the importance of geometry and archetype.  I used to not be much interested in mythology but now find it of the highest importance because of following this reverse order of logic.