Question of Perception

One of the central themes in the book is the idea that the human body is structured as a balance of resonance and damping within a harmonic lattice that is composed of twelve concentric phi-recursive rings. The first six rings emanate from the center of the brain (apparently the pineal gland) down to the solar plexus while the second six rings emanate from the naval out to the finger tips and toes. There is a "half-twist" at the base of the spine that splits the upper and lower torso, therein separating 5 outer "damping" rings from 7 inner "resonance" rings. The twist is the balancing point between outer sensory and inner sensory.

So hypothetically, there should be 5 outer and 7 inner senses.

The 5 outer senses are, of course, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

The 7 inner senses would begin with internal body functions, most notable being an orgasm, followed by the remaining 6 senses that operate within the brain. It is reasonable to suppose that these "sense" things in the quantum field much like an antenna receives (or tranceives) information, accessing a shared body of knowledge (some call the akashic record) independent of time. From this model I deduce that our core personality must be projected through this lattice while simultaneously perceiving the non-physical archetypal world of potentiality during waking intuition, dream reverie and enthogenic revelation. This may sound metaphysical, but it is entirely in keeping with observable physics based on harmonic principles of resonance and damping.

So in answer to the question, I think the 6th sense is body-internal and the 7th sense is mind-universe, though the 7th sense would break down further as a collection of 6 senses that I cannot yet name, except for perhaps shades of fear and love. There is also one last "13th sense" that I didn't mention that exists in the infinite center of the mind and the infinite outer body of the universe. It is an incalculable recursion of singularity that is immortal and can only be described as the purest of loves.