The Dream Theatre

It is my interpretation of 13th-century philosopher Raymond Llull's memory system known as the Ars Magna or Theatre of the Mind. The idea is that we remember, dream and live inside a cosmic hologram that acts as a kind of material theatre for consciousness.

A live resonating standing wave and cymatic pattern are projected together above the "stage" between two laser sources to represent the holonomic brain model proposed by Pribram and Bohm. It represents a visualization and analysis of the music being played.

Inside the vertical DNA pillar is Gabe, the lead singer of a real myth-rock band named Distant Lights out of Austin, Texas who use cymatics and holograms in their performances. Blending music, dance and harmonic archetypes into a Scientific Musical show, the musicians are working to free the audience from their cultural programming in order to remember the Great Art. Unfortunately, it is all just a vision in the singer Gabe's head - or is it?