From Perception to Consciousness

The question of perception when answered broadly is something like "only Nature can recognize itself." Taking this to the next level is where things like harmonics, coherence, holonomics, etc. are involved. It is this level that I explored in my book to answer the question of music perception and this now leads me to the question of what is consciousness. Perception is really mechanical and deterministic up to the point where it touches consciousness and that's where it gets fuzzy.

There is an implosion property of consciousness or self-awareness. For instance, the Brodmann area of the brain which, among other things, is responsible for auditory recognition is organized into three concentric rings oriented near vertically in the center of the brain between the ears. As neural impulses from the ears are filtered through each ring, the recognition becomes more and more abstract until it reaches the center region where the real magic of comprehension and emotional response occurs. Musical impulses go in while emotions and signals for muscular contractions come out.

While I don't say this exactly in my book, I can only conclude that the implosion effect goes beyond physicality, through the permeable holes in the quantum Schwartzchild lattce to our true self. This is what the objective mystics refer to as Ego or Spirit. It is from this non-physical and non-temporal layer of reality that I think our emotions bubble up from. And it is from this wellspring where dreams and intuition come from as well. At times, there seems to be quite a party going on on the other side of that foamy Higgs boson boundary.