First Visualizer UI Design

Recently, I've been toying around with designs for a music visualization dashboard based on the theory. This first one is only 2D with time running down the screen rather than the next one I am working on, which will be 3D with time running (tumbling) into the screen. There's many different ways to configure this and ways to measure things in the standing wave matrix, but this gives you an idea.

In general, it would be both an analysis system and a composition system in one. The user could drag and drop shapes or colors (from different shape palettes) into the grid, move them around, let them snap to the grid and then stretch or add points to the shapes. Also, the graphs at left could be rotated to change harmonic centers and an "ethos vector" set to guide the snapping.

However, really interesting things begin to happen when using different shape palettes. One shape palette would be various life forms based on specific resonance/ damping properties, essentially bundling together certain chords, melodies, rhythms, etc., as a physical archetype The idea would be to compose a musical landscape within which musical creatures would walk, run or fly - thus, playing their part in the music. Perhaps you can imagine the possibilities when you add in things like fur resonance patterns and deform the creatures in different ways. Sort of a SimLife meets Guitar Hero, only it's the real thing.

Philosophically, something like this could very well open the door for people to view everything in nature as a kind of organic music.

I will be prototyping different ideas in Flash - very limited, of course - and post into a new category on the website. I welcome any ideas anyone might have.